New solution to scan and archive data

Discover the newest article on electronic archiving, released the 25th of September 2015, by the “Lëtzebuerger Journal”.

Labgroup from Contern and NG partners/Xerox have developed a new solution which enables the companies to scan data at their premises and to archive them securely at Labgroup. This solution, “made in Luxembourg”, will focus on small- and medium-sized businesses but will also interest the Big 4. The solution fulfils the requirements of the new law of the 25th July 2015, which introduces a new e-archiving framework. Labgroup is currently a candidate for the status “Digitalization and Archiving Service Provider” (PSDC), which will only be recognized after a certification process. The “e-Docubank” will be available from today on.

Labgroup has already been certified to ISO 27001. The common solutions have been, until now, that the documents were collected and scanned by Labgroup before being destroyed.